Saturday, February 6, 2021

 Remembering my national award as Ten Accomplished Youth Organization in the country. This has provided me with more passion and dedication to work in our local communities and deliver much-needed social services. 

 Greetings all and thank you very much for visiting our blog. I am happy to inform you that we continue to receive support from the Global Giving, which is a superb crowd-funding platform of which we are an outstanding partner since 2018. We have multiple projects posted at Global Giving which enable us to continue implementing initiatives in the field despite the challenges we are facing due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Again, thanks all..

Thursday, December 31, 2020

 This new year 2021 we are gearing for more opportunities related to water and sanitation implementation in the rural areas. Our humble beginning was really a small project on water and sanitation and food security which we uses as leverage in order to formally form an association. We are happy that we have succeeded in this venture and we hope for more supporters in the future. 

 Continue support to women entrepreneurs. We are very keen in supporting start-up livelihood projects with a great promise of success in the rural areas where we are operating. Some of the livelihoods are the raising of small farm animals, vegetable gardening, vending, production of face masks and face shields, soap-making and the processing of high-valued farm products like turmeric, dragon fruit, bananas and mangoes. We need all the help that we can get and thanks to donors and angel investors that assist us in our initiatives. 

 Warm greetings for the New Year 2021 and hoping that this year brings more good tidings to our team as well as to the women that we are serving. We are proud to announce that we have successfully implemented a project funded by the Global Fund for Women focused on the empowerment of women-led households and their families. We hope for continued support from the Global Fund. Thank you and Mabuhay!

Monday, September 7, 2020

Providing water harvesters in a poor community

Warmest greetings to all. We hope that you will be able to help us procure rainwater harvesters for Daisy and Janet and 5 of their neighbors in the remote village of Mahayag. Just a moment ago, Daisy and Janet was able to receive gifts of food and blanket from a very generous donor and we are aiming at providing to the family with access to water. Water is very scarce here and Daisy and Janet used to fetch water from a spring located very far from their house for drinking and cooking. This is also the case of 5 neighbors who do the same. It is usually the children bearing the hard labo

r of fetching water. Now with the Coronavirus pandemic, water is a precious commodity not only for drinking but also for general hygiene as well. The use of rainwater harvesters comprising sanitary recycled 200-liter drums will do wonders for those badly needing water. The drums will be positioned near the roof and connected with galvanized iron gutters. Help us provide them with these harvesters which can only be procured in the city. Thank you very much.

 Launching our village mushroom production project

We will establish a mushroom production facility for 15 households as their source of income and nutrition as well as a pilot for other groups to emulate. Mushroom is an alternative food with very large potential for increasing income and nutrition and it can be grown easily in small space using surplus agricultural waste such as rice straw, banana leaves and coco-coir dust. It is high in protein, amino acids, no cholesterol, no sugar and high ratio of unsaturated fats. It has tremendous ability to improve nutrition as well as provide income during this Coronavirus pandemic. The farm waste as substrate can then be recycled as organic fertilizer mix for vermi-compost.

The mushroom production and processing facility at the Mahangub Integrated Farm in Naawan Municipality and to be managed by a group of 15 households will enable them to source their nutritional needs from the harvest as well as generate income from surplus production. This is especially significant during this Coronavirus pandemic where food is scarce and malnutrition abounds.

The mushroom production facility will grow oyster mushroom as well as straw mushrooms in agricultural waste coming from farms around the area. The resulting mushrooms will then be used by the growers as their alternative source of nutrition and the surplus sold as fresh in the local market. A small portion will be value-added with the production of powdered mushrooms and dried mushrooms for condiment. The facility will produce their own spawns for their needs as well as for market to other growers and enthusiasts in the province. Production of mushroom seeds (spawns) is a big problem by would-be growers and the absence discourage them from going into the venture. We will be getting Mr. Enrico Imperio as our pro-bono resource person in the production of spawns.

 Remembering my national award as Ten Accomplished Youth Organization in the country. This has provided me with more passion and dedication ...